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    Chinese Title: 神探高倫布
    English Title: Bullet Brain
    Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Detective
    Producer: Lee Tim Shing (Rossy Business, A Fistful of Stances, No Regrets, Bottled Passion)
    Production: May - August 2012
    Episodes: 25
    Wayne Lai
    Natalie Tong
    Edwin Siu
    Pierre Ngo
    Sire Ma
    Joe Junior
    Brian Burrell
    Lau Dan
    Corinna Chamberlain
    The Skinny: The serial centers in a murder case that involved a wife dismembering her husband and cooking his limbs. The case is based on a similar murder that occurred in Hong Kong in 1988. The serial is also inspired by the American crime fiction series Columbo. ('Bullet Brain' wiki)
    A bullet turns a simple-minded boy into a heartless detective.
    What will happen when the affections meet the ruthlessness?
    Is the sudden wisdom a gift or a disaster?
    The story is set in the 1960s Hong Kong. The sincere KO TAI HEI (Wayne Lai) smuggles to HK, where his father's good friend KAM LO YIK (Joe Junior) recommended him to join the police force. One time, he had an accident and got shot in the head. Pieces of the bullet went into his brain cells and oddly increased his IQ significantly. Since then, HEI turned into an intelligent detective capable of cracking down strange cases. However, his personality changed as well, turning him into a cold-hearted person who will do things by unscrupulous means. The only exception was his good friend BAO PING ON (Pierre Ngo) in which he would be a little more friendly to. HEI's boss noticed something was wrong, and immediately sent out female officer KAM YI WA (Sire Ma) to secretly supervise him, but unexpectedly she turns against the boss and defended HEI instead. WA later develops a relationship with her colleague CHOI FEI LUNG (Edwin Siu). Because HEI met famous courtesan SZETO NAM (Natalie Tong), who physically resembles his first love MUI MUI (Natalie Tong), the relationships become complicated. PING ON couldn't bear to watch HEI go wrong more and more, so he initially planned to rescue HEI, but ends up injuring him and caused another turn back...(aZnangel)

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    mrkell Thành viên đang bị cấm

    Tham gia ngày:
    6 Tháng mười một 2012
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