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    Title: 풀하우스TAKE2 / Poolhawooseu Teikeu 2
    Japanese title: フルハウスTAKE2 / Furuhausu Teiku 2
    Also known as: Full House 2
    Genre: Romance, comedy
    Episodes: 16 (32 parts)
    Broadcast network: SBS Plus
    Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-22 to 2012-Dec-13
    Air time: Monday to Thursday 12:30 (one part each day, two episodes a week)
    Original Soundtrack: Full House Take 2 OST
    Related TV shows: Full House (KBS2, 2004)


    This series pivots around a hapkido teacher Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung Eum) becoming a stylist of top idol group TAKE ONE,

    composed of the perfectionist Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) and a free yet kind guy named Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong)
    and getting into a romantic relationship with them. Tae Ik became an
    idol in order to gain back the house "Full House" where he had lived
    with his late parents. Can Tae Ik regain "Full House"? And what about
    these three's future in love...?

    Correlation Chart

    Hwang Jung Eum as Jang Man Ok / Michelle Jang
    Noh Jung Ui as child Man Ok / Jang Michelle
    No Min Woo as Lee Tae Ik
    Oh Jae Moo as teen Tae Ik
    Ahn Do Gyu as child Tae Ik
    Park Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi
    Jung Yoon Suk as child Kang Hwi
    Yoo seol Ah as Jin Se Ryung

    Extended cast

    Kim Byung Se as Hwang Bum Soo
    Lee Hoon as Lee Joon
    Lee Seung Hyo as Bae Go Dong
    Jung Ji Ah as Song Noh Ra
    Heo Jae Ho (허재호) as So Ji Sung
    Kim Do Yun as Han Ga Ryun
    Jang Hang Sun as Man Ok's grandfather
    Oh Na Mi as stylist Choi
    Yoo Tae Woong as Tae Ik's father
    Kim Ye Ryung as Tae Ik's mother
    Kuroda Fukumi as Tae Ik's aunt
    Kang Doo as Sangsudong Wolf / Sang Dae
    Han Yeo Wool (한여울) as secretary
    Ahn Yong Joon as Jay / Jung Chul
    Lee Shin Ae (이신애) as Entertainment news reporter
    Song Min Hyung as President Director of U Entertainment
    Yang Han Yul (양한열) as hapkido student
    Kim Tae Young (김태영) as Ophthalmologist
    Lee Jung as radio program MC
    Jo Jae Yoon (조재윤) as China's Korean taxi driver
    Lee Jung Soo (이정수) as The Show "We Are Rivals" MC

    Production Credits

    Production Company: Kim Jong Hak Productions & Digital Khan (디지털칸)
    Chief Producer: Kim Yong Jin (김용진)
    Director: Kim Jin Young (김진영), Nam Ki Hoon (남기훈)
    Original writing: Manhwa Full House by Won Soo Yeon
    Screenwriter: Park Young Sook


    This drama is based on manhwa by writer Won Soo Yeon and was jointly produced by Korean, Chinese and Japanese companies and finished filming in April.
    Premiered in Japan on October 5th, 2012 at 20:00 JST on TBS.[1]
    SBS Plus broadcast this series with unusual airing schedule,
    broadcasting two episodes a week, 30-40 minutes long installment airs
    from Monday to Thursday and every Friday will air a recap installment of
    the week.[2]

    External Links

    Official site
    TBS Homepage
    Korean Wikipedia

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