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    Title: 最火搭档

    English title: Unriddle

    Genre: Police, Mystery

    Episodes: 20

    Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8, ntv7

    Broadcast period:
    MediaCorp Channel 8: 2010-Aug-04 to 2010-Aug-31
    ntv7: 2010-Aug-03 to 2010-Nov-08

    Air time:
    MediaCorp Channel 8: Monday to Friday 21:00-22:00
    ntv7: Monday to Thursday 22:00-23:00

    Theme Song: 最火搭档 (Unriddle)


    Xiao Man (Rui En) is an inspector in the police force who is about to crackdown on a human trafficking ring, only to be thwarted by Yu Ze (Tay Ping Hui). Unknown to her, Yu Ze and his informant, Zheng Yi (Chen Li Ping) have been setting the stage to bring down the ring leader. When the time finally comes, Yu Ze goes missing. The plot thickens when a supposedly abducted woman becomes a prime suspect in a kidnapping case. As Xiao Man investigates further into these 2 related cases, she uncovers another 15 year-old case that was once investigated by Yu Ze and his ex-teammates. While one of them died in the course of duty, the rest of team either went missing or was murdered. Back in her apartment, Xiao Man discovers that someone has planted pinhole cameras and bugging devices, monitoring her every move. Who has been secretly spying on Xiao Man? Is the 15 year-old cold case involving Yu Ze the missing link?

    Nếu Acc Ryushare Của Bác Đã Hết Hạn Vui Lòng Đung Gia Hạn Ngay ma Hãy Đăng Ký Lại Tại Đây Rồi mới Gia Hạn Để Ủng Hộ Em ! Mời các Bác Tải film => CLICK HERE!

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