HÀ NỘI Apple Tree Co., Ltd Tại Hà Nội Cần Tuyển Gấp Sales Manager

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    Job Description:

    - Meet weekly sales calls target to key accounts

    - Entertain key account minimum 1 per week

    - Meet targeted budget

    - Attend daily morning briefing at 9:00 am to include daily occupancy, reservation, sales calls, special issues, compliments and other issues

    - Attend weekly meeting with Director of Sales & Marketing to discuss all issues relating to sales

    - Schedule once a month to Ha Long to inspect boat

    - Attend thank you party with key accounts in Hanoi

    - Join in travel and hospitality events to promote and connect Emeraude Classic Cruises to clients, business associations and corporated accounts

    - Provide information and check S&M report sent to SMM

    - Direct report to SMM

    - Other duties being assigned.

    Job Requirement:

    - Minimum 3 years of experience in hotel or travel industry required

    - Having good relationship to operators is an advantage

    - Good communication English – verbal and written

    - Adaptable

    - Ability to build strong relationships with key accounts

    - Strong sales and customer service focus

    - Problem solving skills

    - Motivated and driven

    - Computer literate.

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